President John F Kennedy
The Haven's Visits to the Library and Museum of Thirty Fifth President John F Kennedy  located on the Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts
Inside the JFK Center View from the Museum over the Harbor
The J F K Center                                                                                                    Link to Assassination
Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch Cape Canaveral, Florida Cape Kennedy Air Show
Us at Kennedy Space Center Some of the Space Ships in the Back Inside the Kennedy Space Center Mom and Dad at the Nasa Center
Haven's Visit to The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida
Mom and Dad JFK Shot on this Spot-Dallas, Texas Arlington National Cemetery JFK Death Spot in Dallas, Texas
Bobby Kennedy's Grave in Arlington, Va Kennedy Grave in Arlington Cemetery Graves of John & Jackie Kennedy Ted Kennedy's Grave in Arlington, Va
The Grave of Lee Harvey Oswald at Sharon Rose Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas - who killed President Kennedy
Childhood Home - Boston, Massachusetts

Delee Plaza - JFK Square in Dallas, Texas

Inside Kennedy Boy Hood Home JFK was Shot from this Bldg 6th Floor-Dallas
 Kennedy Inauguration Photo located inside the Museum - We have very few family photos inside Presidential Sites because cameras are prohibited
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