Graves of the Feuding Hatfield's of  Logan, West Virginia and the McCoy's of Pikeville, Kentucky
Cemetery is in Sarah Ann, West Virginia - 15 miles south of Logan, W. Va Cemetery is in the edge of town in Pikeville, Kentucky
Road Side Marker at the Enterance of the Hatfield Cemetery The McCoy Graves are in Dils Cemetery at Pikeville, Kentucky
These two Hatfield Graves are in Dils Cemetery at Pikeville, Kentucky Fence is Around Sarah, Rose Ann, & Randal McCoy's Graves-Pikeville. Ky
Leader of the Hatfield Side Of the Feud - Devil Anse Hatfield Leader of the McCoy Side of the Feud - Randal McCoy
Troy Left & Elias Right Hatfield, Sons of Anderson Hatfield Hung 10/7/11 Rose Anne McCoy was Burned in a Barn fire in Nov 18 in Pikeville, Ky
Grand Kids of William Anderson Hatfield buried in Hatfield Cemetery Colonel John Dils donated the land that the McCoy's are Buried In
Anse Hatfield's son Joe Hatfield Daughter of Randolph McCoy - Rose Ann
Daughter of Anse Hatfield - Rose died 1965 McCoy's are Buried in This Cemetery in Pikeville, Kentucky
Son Of Anse Hatfield - Willis Basil Hatfield Buried with McCoy's in Pikeville, Kentucky Before the Feud
Great Grand Kids of Devil Anse -  Raymond & Nova  Hatfield Martha Hatfield Buried in McCoy Cemetery in Pikeville, Kentucky
Mom and Dad at the Grave of Devil Anse - Aug 14, 2015 Street Marker in Pikeville, Kentucky at the Cemetery
More Kids and Grand Kids of Devil Anse Hatfield Buried Above Him Sam and Martha McCoy
View of the Hatfield Graves from Upper Side - Land is Very Steep Sam McCoy - Brother of Randolph McCoy
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